Hindi Tv Serial Happy Go Lucky

Happy Go Lucky Hindi tv-serials on STAR ONE

Star One is one channel that has always understood the pulse of the TV viewers and has come up with a variety of shows.Happy Go Lucky was a teen sitcom aired on Star One, that targets the teenagers. The show was directed by Nitya Mehra and Ayesha Sood, with Harsh Lunia and Sajeel Parekh in the lead roles. The show was about two school going best friends, Happy (Harsh Lunia) and Lucky (Sajeel Parekh) who were poles apart from each other.  The show’s plot follows the journey of their unique friendship, with Happy being the popular and reckless one and Lucky being the calm one and the smarter of the two. Both of them connect with each other over rounds of basketball.

The show includes light comedy, with both boys coming up with different ideas in each episode, with the help of one of their other friend, Aditya, who is very intelligent, and failing miserably at the end.  Happy Go Lucky is about the close friendship between these two boys and how they get through things, be it adventures or blunders, together. Both of them look up to each other in their own ways.

The show had various other recurring actors, playing the roles of teachers, the boys’ parents, their classmates, etcetera, but the plot revolves majorly around the two protagonists.Harsh Lunia and Sajeev Parekh played the characters of Happy and Lucky respectively. While Lucky is the contemplative type and is also the brighter one Happy is always happy and is very popular in the school. Certain guys also take the chance to bully these thick friends. And then Antariksh enters their lives, and they become a trio of best buddies. The serial proceeds in this manner.  The performances of Harsh Lunia and Sajeev Parekh was laudable, and their chemistry was also good.  The show aired in 2005 and became quite popular amongst the youth.