Hindi Tv Serial Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka



Comical television series have continued to rule the hearts of the viewers. They are light-hearted, crazily enacted, and superbly scripted shows which never fail to bring a smile to our face. The actors cast in such projects lose themselves entirely and take on some side-splitting avatars! Sony Television in its early days had come up with a show of a similar concept. It ran by the name 'Haal Kaisa Hai Janaab Ka.' It was a subtle yet witty show which received a lot of appreciation from all ends. The story-line of the show revolves in a hospital which a quirky name. It went something like 'Imartibai Ghevarmal hospital,’ the two of which are names of famous Indian desserts. The best part about this show is that it never becomes monotonous.

The frame of the show is continuously worked upon, which subsequently led to the production of some outstanding plots! It is a concoction of emotional and funny scenes. It will touch the chords of your heart in one moment, and make you roll off with laughter in the next! Much to the disappointment of the followers, the show only aired for a few episodes. Why it happened is something we ask ourselves quite frequently. But, none of us have been able to gauge the answer to this perplexing fact! The amazing performance by Tanaaz Currim (Irani) was the highlight of the show. There is also a nurse with a bumbling character. Dimple played this role. Sunil Salgia directed this series and stood out every single time! The fact that creating a comical environment in a show based on a hospital is quite tough cannot be neglected.

However, the entire team put in their heart and soul into this project, and well, the outcome was just marvellous! In one episode, the nurse has an extremely hectic day. In her haste, she keeps running into a patient. And this incident did not happen only once. It kept repeating every time she met the patient! By the end of it, both suffered a great amount of sore injuries! The amusing part came forward when the patient's initial problem came forward. He had come to get a dressing for his injured finger. However, due to the consistent injuring, he ends up getting his whole body plastered! In another episode, the reports of two patients get exchanged. This mishappening causes a lot of mental changes. Due to this, the life of the two patients begins revolving in an entirely different manner. This track was emotional and philosophical.