Hindi Tv Serial Gunahon Ka Devta

Gunahon Ka Devta Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv

Gunahon Ka Devta was an Indian television daily soap premiered on NDTV Imagine Channel. It was aired on 20th September 2010 and ended on 27th May 2011. It is the story of a city where crimes and criminals reside in every nook and corner of every home.

Gunahon Ka Devta is a story of a small city known as Lallanpur; it’s a city where criminal and their violence rules over the public. Even, little brats of that city also have guns, and they used to fire them just for their fun games. Among those criminal there was a sinner named Avdhesh Thakur (acted by Ashish Sharma) exists, he was also popularly known as Bhaiya Ji and Gunahon Ka Devta (God of Sin/Crime). He fights and protects who seeks his help and hunt down the sinner in his eyes. Story commence with Arpita (acted by Tanvi Bhatia), who is madly love with Avdhesh Thakur. She loves him because he fights for right and shows courtesy and respect to them who likes him. She has made her habit to collect his pictures from newspaper clippings. One day Avdhesh saves Arpita from local goons of their town. For a moment, their eyes lost in each other eyes like a Hindi retro movies.

 Avdhesh has become like a robin hood for Lallanpur, who robs dishonest sinners and allocate it to poorer ones. Gradually, Avdhesh also falls for Arpita and journey of a gangster and a bubbly girl start. Earlier, Arpita’s parents were bit hesitated to meet Avdhesh because they did share a bad experience with him. They were dejected with their relation because Avdhesh was not a noble guy. So, Arprita promised to their parents that she will transform him and make a good human being. When Avdhesh gets to know about this, earlier he became livid and wanted to kill them. But, after some Arpita make him convince to be a good guy. He tried to do so on various occasions but when he finds anything wrong happening to someone innocent, his natural behavior fired up, and he becomes violent. The story of Avdhesh’s dilemma continues further. This is the story line of Gunahon Ka Devta. 
(20th September 2010 – 27th May 2011)