Hindi Tv Serial Gudgudee

Gudgudee Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

The 90s was a golden period for Indian television with a plethora of shows running on air that were both entertaining and sensible. Unlike the serials of today, those serials had a story and the creators told it in a limited episodic style that made the shows all the more popular among the masses. That was also the era where television was filled with comedy serials like Office Office, Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, etc. One such show was Gudgudee that used to air on Zee TV in its yore days. The show was a situational comedy based around the goofy and fun-loving family of Shuklas. The concept of the show is mischief and rib-tickling fun, hence the title which in English means rib-tickling.

In the show, pranks are played by every member of the family on other family members in the serials. Nobody was spared. The show, released in 1998, was considered at the time as one of the pioneers of the comedy in television with its crackling writing and funny characters. The show was directed by Ajai Sinha, who also wrote some of the episodes in the first season. In the cast, Ajit Vachani played Mohan Shukla, Himani Shivpuri played Durga Shukla,  Ninad Kampat played Raghu Shukla. These all were the main cast of the show and the important figure of the Shukla family. There were other members too who often were put into the spotlight but the main focus was always on these bunch of characters.

The show was very successful when it released on Zee TV. This was among some of the most popular shows on the channel. It was this perfect show for people of all ages. Families used to watch it together for a merry time. The show-stopped airing a year after its release, which is in 1999. The channel didn't state the reason behind closing down the show and it remains a mystery to date. The show in its entirety had 93 episodes altogether which was a huge feat at that time. The show although stopped airing in 1999, had always been in the hearts and minds of its fans which is why the channel was compelled to release the whole show on YouTube so that everyone can enjoy this treat of a show.