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Good Morning India is an Indian show which telecasts on NDTV India. Good Morning India is a television show which broadcasts episodes on many different topics and issues. Some of the events are: Good Morning India: Simple workout one can do at home In this episode of Good Morning India, trainers show viewers simple exercises which focus on the neglected parts of the body. People can do these at home without any equipment. Good Morning India: This bus driver in Calcutta has become a public hero Manik Ghosh, who works for the Kolkata Transport Corporation as a bus driver, has become an excellent example for his colleagues due to his dedication towards his service which has remained same in the past 29 years.

Good Morning India: Delhi, crowd and a bus ride Buses are an essential part of the lives of people living in Delhi. In this episode, we find out what happens inside these buses. Amidst the sweat, hustle, and the anonymity of passengers, there are people who travel to catch up on their mid-day nap. Good Morning India: Christmas season is here In this special episode, there is a seasonal joy with a young choir singing Christmas carols in the studio; fashion suggestions for the winter season; Santa Claus, bearing presents; and the recipe for a sweet thanksgiving treat to finish your Christmas feast. Good Morning India: Pakistani band Strings This episode presents the popular Pakistani band, Strings, who has just released their latest album, 'Door.' Also, we will meet the artist who paints eggshells. Then, there is Shamsheer, who predicts how your day will turn out.