Hindi Tv Serial Godh Bharaai

Godh Bharaai Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Godh Bharaai is a Hindi language television drama aired on SONY TV, on the occasion of Women’s day 8th March 2010 and ended on 26th August 2010 after completing its 100th Episode. 

The story of Godh Bharaai based on the major issue of infertility which is faced by childless women in our Indian society. The story revolves around a couple, Aastha (acted by Pallavi Subhash) and Shivam (acted by Shakti Anand). Aastha will not be able get conceived because of the infertility issues. Though it is Shivam, who is infertile and not Aastha, Aastha doesn’t want to reveal the truth to the family because of her husband’s sake. Shivam is very caring, and he requested to Aastha not to do so and reveal the truth. In Indian society childless women usually get integrated with the stigma/banner of being infertile. Likewise, same happened with Aastha. 

On a busy day, Shivam has found a child from a poor woman, who narrated her sad story to Shivam and handed over the child to him. The child comes in their lives, and they decide to take care of his upbringing. They started to call him as Krishna. But later part of this serial it was revealed that the child was abducted from somewhere and handed over to Shivam by a woman with a false narrated story. Later, somehow they managed to adopt Krishna. During this procedure they faced lots of problems and sorted it out. Meena (acted by Aanchal Dwivedi), the eldest daughter-in-law of the family, remains the envy of Aastha and her adopted child Krishna. She continuously thinks to put Aastha, Shivam and adopted child Krishna in trouble. Ultimately, by the grace of God Aastha and Meena both become pregnant at the same time. However, Meena has given birth to a baby girl on contrary Aastha has given birth to a baby boy. The story is all about how far Meena will go to put them into trouble. 

Godh Bharaai is a drama which explains, what happens when a traditional and cultured Indian family, where blood purity matters most than the happiness of the family, a bahu cannot able to conceive a child biologically and adoption is the only other option left. How does the entire family coordinate with it when their daughter-in-law becomes mother not by giving birth but by adopting a child from outside?
(8th March 2010 – 26th August 2010)