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Gili Gili Gappa Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

SAB TV’s ‘Gili Gili Gappa’ is a comedy show featuring Varun Badola Varun Badola was born on 7 January 1974 in New Del >> Read More... , Shweta Gulati Shweta Gulati is an Indian television actress who >> Read More... , and Shoma Anand Shoma Anand is a Bollywood Actress and also Televi >> Read More... . The show was produced and directed by Ashwni Dhir Ashwini Dhir is a writer turned director born on 2 >> Read More... . Preeti Ameen played the role of a fairy for the first time in the serial. Even actor Atul Srivastava Atul Srivastava started his professional career as >> Read More... played two very different roles from his past career – a caretaker of an old home and a ghost. Varun Badola essayed the role of the father of the three children who have lost their mother, played by Shweta Gulati.

Bollywood actress Shoma Anand played the grandmother of the children. The show was aired on SAB TV through Thursday to Fridays at 7.30 pm. Shelly, Sonu, and Sweety are the three kids who create some trouble for their grandmother. Eventually, the grandmother becomes very annoyed with them and finalizes that she will send the children to live in the hostel.

Their father, played by Varun Badola, tried to reason with their grandmother but as she remains stubborn about her decision he has no other option but to comply with her send the children to the hostel. The children feel extremely upset about this and think that if their mother was still alive, this would not have happened.

Together they pray and ask God give their mother back to them. At that very instant, a star in the sky breaks and shoots across the sky which results in their wish coming true. The children’s mother is sent from heaven as a fairy for a period to save them from any bad situations. But the problem is that the fairy has not completed her full training of magical powers.

‘Gili Gili Gappa,' the TV serial on SAB TV started on 16th December 2010.