Hindi Tv Serial Gharana

Gharana Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Gharana was telecasted on Zee TV daily, from Monday to Friday in an afternoon. It is a story of two nuclear families that come across love and hate relationships amongst the members. The story develops around the parents whose quarrel amongst each other often influenced the life and personality of their two daughters’ life. While the elder daughter is calm and quite like her father, the younger one is arrogant and aggressive like her mother. Both the daughters grow up, and they get married.

 While the elder one suffers in the in-laws’ house as she tries hard to reunite the family, the younger one, who gets married in the same in-laws house, destroys the peace of the house and tries to break the family because of her arrogant nature. But the question is who will succeed? Will the elder daughter bring back peace in her in-laws' house again? The serial revolves around a family where the difference of opinion between the parents changes the personalities of the two daughters. The peace and happiness of the in-laws’ house are destroyed when the younger girl gets married.

After some time, the elder daughter also comes to the same house as her younger sister after her marriage. Subsequently, the elder daughter tries her level best to reunite the family and bring back the lost happiness due to her sister. Dinesh Bansal is the producer of the show, and the series is directed by S.J. Talukdar and Pawan Kumar. Sucheta Paushe, Pooja Dhadwal, Anang Desai and Avinash together make the assembled star cast in the serial.