Hindi Tv Serial Ghar Jamai

Ghar Jamai Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv
Ghar Jamai is a Hindi television sitcom that was broadcasted on Zee TV. The genre of the series was comedy. It was broadcasted from July 1997 to 1998. The storyline revolves around a family that consists of an irrational Punjabi father in law, Mr. Mehra, his Tamil live-in son in law (Ghar Jamai), Subodh and Mr Mehra’s daughter and Subodh’s wife, Chandni. Mr. Mehra and Subodh are always at odds with each other. They always disagree with each other’s opinions and argue with each other. Chandni tries to settle down the things between her father and her husband.

The sitcom was produced by Dinesh Bansal of Meteor Films and directed by Anant Mahadevan. The story was written by Ranjan Bose, Subash Kabra and Anant Mahadevan. It starred some talented actors like Satish Shah, R. Madhavan, and Mandira Bedi. Shah played Mr. Mehra while R. Madhavan played Subodh. Mandira Bedi played the wife of Subodh, named Chandni. It was Madhavan’s first TV serial in a lead character and he did a fabulous job in the serial.

The show was one of the hit shows of its times. Later Anant Mahadevan and R. Madhavan planned to make Ghar Jamai a feature film.