Hindi Tv Serial Gaon India


Gaon India was an information and documentary show that airs on ‘DD Kisan’. ‘DD Kisan’ is part of the ‘Doordarshan Network’, and the channel is aimed at the people residing in rural areas, especially the farmers. The show is hosted by ‘Farhin Fatima’, and it runs for half an hour. As the name suggests, the show revolves around the villages in India. Despite being a developing nation, a large part of the population in India still lives in villages and rural areas. Their lifestyle is a lot different from people in urban areas, and it remains underdeveloped.

The show concentrates on the different aspects of the life in rural areas. It essentially is a show that showcases how people live in the villages and lead their life. They have differences in almost all aspects – social, economic, political. The social structure of villages is quite different, and the show explores how people belonging to different strata and communities live together. Women still do not enjoy freedom in these areas, and the show tries to study how women are overcoming these challenges and live their life.

One of the episodes featured the ‘Gulab Gang’, a group of women who got tired and came together to fight for the betterment of women in the society. They are known for only wearing pink sarees. The show did a feature on them and tried to understand their ideology. The show also focuses on the economic life in rural areas. Most of the rural economy still depends on agriculture, and people still are poor. To improve their lives, the show explores various practices and innovative technology in agriculture for farmers to use.

To achieve this, they call various experts and farmers who’ve successfully implemented them. Apart from talking about agriculture, the show also teaches farmers about other methods or ways to supplement their income – animal rearing or dairy. The show aired a segment on chicken farming and the ways people can use it to increase their revenue. Lastly, the show also features the political and social aspects of society. It has a dedicated segment for the problems of rural people.

The host engages in discussion with these people and tries to understand the problems they face. Along with this the show also tries to tell how the government is working for these people. The show is quite different from the traditional shows. It is one of the first that caters exclusively to the rural audience and hence it makes an interesting watch.