Hindi Tv Serial Gangaa

Gangaa is an Indian soap opera drama created by Sphere Origins, which airs on weekdays (Monday to Friday) on &TV at 08:30 pm. Set in the context of Banaras, the show focuses on the trials and tribulations of a child widow as she loses her husband and her father in a stampede on the bank of the River Ganges at a very young age. Ganga is a very young happy, enthusiastic and lively child, full of spirits who lost her mother when she was just three years old. Since then, she was brought up by her father who loves and pampers her a lot.

She is now married to a boy whom she hasn’t even met yet and is about to be separated from her father. But all her happiness and excitement comes to a halt when a great tragedy strikes her, in the form of a stampede in the bank of Ganges and she loses her father and husband (whom she hasn’t even got the chance to meet yet). Abandoned by her in-laws and with no one left to take care of her she finds refuge in the house of Niranjan and a new chapter begins in Ganga’s life. Robbed of colours, of good food and all other basic things and constantly threatened by the fear of having her head shaved Ganga faces many challenges and hardships.

Incessantly countering the hard core customs and traditions that society throws at the widows, critiqued by them as a bad omen or some disease, not allowed to participate in holy functions and millions of accusations, young Ganga tries her best to fight them while still trying to make it through life with unhinged spirit. With the constant pressure of keeping Kanta Dadi and Sagar (Niranjan’s Son with whom she later becomes friends with) happy and facing the hardships of the society, Ganga sets on a journey where she overcomes all the challenges and difficulties that life throws at her while holding her head high and paving her way through all crossroads, taking her own decisions and continuously asserting herself- identity and will.

The show brings about the long, painful history of child marriages and the plight of widows in India and the constant trials and tribulations faced by them till date in some parts of India. Through Gangaa, the audience is being appealed to end this atrocious history of torturing and robbing the widows of their happiness. Widows are being encouraged to fight back for their right to happiness and love in life. Widow Remarriage is being encouraged. The show emphasises on the fact that if one is strong willed and has the indomitable spirit like Gangaa, nothing can hold you back, and you can pave your own way to happiness and find your true purpose in life. The role of the inspiring, strong-willed child widow is played by Ruhana Khanna and Aditi Sharma as the adult Gangaa.