Hindi Tv Serial Ganga Ki Saugand

Ganga Ki Saugand Hindi TV SERIALS on ABP News

ABP News had taken the initiative to protect our Indian National River since 2010. This channel, with the help of Shriram Institute of Industrial resource, kept on investigating the water sample of the Ganga annually. Every year the Ganga failed to pass the test of the investigation over three conditions, for drinking, bathing and farming purpose. The episode starts from describing the ‘details' of the Ganga. There are around 118 towns and cities and 1600 Gram Panchayat next to the Ganga. There are 29 cities whose population exceeds 1 lakh and 23 cities whose population counts to 50 thousand which results in almost 50 crores of the population after a calculation that depends upon the Ganga.

The Bhagirathi and the Alaknanda flowing from different directions submerge in Devprayag to give birth to the Ganga. After this originating process, the Ganga travels through cities like Rishikesh, Haridwar, Kanpur, Allahabad, Banaras, Patna and reaches its destination in the Bay of Bengal. This journey takes the digits to 2500 km which crowns the Ganga as ‘the longest river' of India. But the fact that it's the most polluted river in the country and the 6th most polluted river in the world is disappointing. 730 crore liter of contaminated water is introduced to the river per day out of which 212 crore liter water is treated through the sewage treatment plant to make it pure and 118 crore liter treatment plan is in process.

Even after so much of effort, nearly 400 liter of water remains untreated. Many plans were proposed to save the Ganga in which Ganga Action Plan (GAP) 1 was introduced in June 1985 by former PM Rajiv Gandhi followed by GAP2 in 1993. Later this plan was conjoined with Rashtriya Nadi Sanrakshan Yojna after 3 years. In 2000, the govt. formed by NDA came into play and closed the plan GAP1 and the responsibility to clean the Ganga was handed over to the Cabinet Minister Suresh Prabhu. The present govt. introduced Namani Gange Prayojna in 2014 which was the project worth 22000 crores.