Hindi Tv Serial Four

Four Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Television show Four which broadcasted on SAB TV Media Channel is coming to age show for the youngsters and youth age-based group. It is an soap opera that aired on SAB TV in India at the time slot of 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM IST. It aired daily from Monday to Friday.

Four is a well-woven story of four friends Rakesh, Taranpreet, Mannat, and Ratanlal. There is their Landlord Nariman Bookwala aka their Parsi Uncle. They are called Rocky, TP, Mannu and Rattu lovingly in their group. They have big dreams, and they are ready to achieve them by all ways possible.

They face hardships on their journey from nothing to achieving everything. But they stand united and defeat all their enemies on their way. Alone they could fall, but when they are together united, they are the strongest. Rakesh is the main lead of the story. He has different dreams for himself which sometimes clash with other people, and their thoughts.

But he nevertheless, stands by his friends whenever they need him. His friends are also there for him when he needs them, and that makes them a magnificent team. Taranpreet is a good friend and the quietest of them all. He is ambitious but plays his game with style. He is sweet, but he also is supportive of all his friends. Mannat is a girl trying to make it big in a man's world. She is a strong-willed woman who wants everyone to notice her for her work.

Ratanlal is a guy who has dreams of his own and does not care about all the things he has to do to get his job done. He is manipulative, but he loves all his friends very much. He is willing to sacrifice for them and their dreams. The plot is good but struggles to maintain itself and becomes monotonous.

The show was not very successful, but it remained decent throughout its course of play. The chemistry between the lead actors is brilliant, they all seem to be genuine friends who care for each other a lot, and are willing to sacrifice for each other. Two's a company, three is a party, and four is the strongest when it comes to being best friends.