Hindi Tv Serial Faster Fene


Faster fene is a Hindi Television reality show that airs on DD National. This story depends on Marathi author Bhaskar Ramachandra Bhagwat who is known by his stage name, Bha. Ra. Bhagwat’s series of Marathi books and novels. The series's story revolves around Baresh Fene, an adventurous boy who thinks to do unusual things every time. He also struck in the thoughts of various mysteries, secrets, dramas, adventures, and even the Indo-China war of 1962. There are a total of twenty books and novels in this series. They are Fursungicha, Aage Badho, Balbahaddar, Jawanmard, Faster Fenecha Ranrang, Tring.Tring.., Faster Fenechi Express Kaamgiri, Faster Fene Tola Hanto, Detective, Faster Fenechi Kashmiri Karamat, Pratapgadavar, Gulmargche Gudh Ani, Chinkuche Chale Ani, Faster Fenechi Dongarbhet, Faster Fenechya Galyat Maal, Chakrivadlat, Chinku Chimpanzee Ani, Viman-Chor Viruddha, Junglepatat, and Tick Tock.

It depends on the first book of Faster Fene released in 1974. They translated this into other languages like Hindi and English. Sumit Raghavan is the leading cast of the series, appearing as Banesh Fene. The story starts with Banesh Fene, a lanky school-going teenager. He is always searching for adventures wherever he goes. He is studying at Vidya Bhavan School in Pune. He was born in Fursungi, a village near Pune. He is pro-active and is very fast with his feet and on his bicycle. So the people call him 'Faster Fene.' His adventurous doing circulates in Mumbai and Pune. Sometimes his adventures take place in Books and magazines in Jammu and Kashmir, near the border, and even in Afghanistan. Even though he doesn't wish to get into trouble, mysteries and adventures follow him wherever he goes. It causes him no option but to fight back and solve those.

The series goes very interesting as children of this age love the show. It is because, beyond cartoon shows, this series also focuses on heroic activities. Here is for those who love adventure and not for those who seek entertainment on the series. But it someway bore the adults as it follows the same concept of doing abnormal activities unrelated to their age. They can only watch the series for three to four minutes for his intelligence and thinking but cannot protrude long. This is a kind of fantasy animation that school children follow on an adventure.