Hindi Tv Serial Fakebook With Kavita

Fakebook With Kavita Hindi TV SERIALS on BIG Magic

Fakebook with Kavitha is presented by Kavitha Kaushik. It is a comedy show based on how people are two faced, so she calls them fake. Kavitha takes up different situations to show how people talk and how actually they react. She is the one woman army for this show, and it falls under satirical sketch comedy genre. It starts with “Ek Hain Par Fake Hain”. She takes up day to day situations faced by people in our society and pokes fun at it. She starts with how women spend on dresses and accessories but blames vegetables are costly.

In next instance she displays a conversation between a Punjabi couple, she talks about feminism and equality but gets scared of a cockroach. Next comes about corruption and how a woman blames about it, and finally, she bribes. Next comes about police investigation on Chandrani Mukherjee and how she cleverly takes up the investigation. In next show, a girl fakes when it comes to guys and how much effort she takes up to take a selfie when that guy asks for one and how that guy reply instead. Following is how actresses fake on screen and what actually they are off screen. Here she mentions about child labour, on screen the actress is against child labour but in real she has employed a kid for assistance. Next comes about funny deodorant add with Kuch Kuch Hota Hai movie background.

The next show comes about how a woman is obsessed with female friends of their husband. Here, Kavitha advices a woman to adjust with men but when she sees a woman client of her husband calling she gets possessive and blames men. Next, she displays how men suffer between his mother and wife. Also, there is an episode on how actresses are jealous of each other and gossip about other actresses and also pokes fun on a famous hero. It is a show entirely for laughs and guarantees entertainment. So, it is all fun in Fakebook with Kavitha.