Hindi Tv Serial Ek Thi Rajkumari

Ek Thi Rajkumari Hindi Tv serials on Zee next

Ek Thi Rajkumari is a light-hearted drama that aired on Zee Next. The story revolves around Rajkumari Priyamvada, who is a young princess. She has spent her entire life inside the confines of her palace and has never set a step outside the castle walls. However, she has had enough. After spending eighteen years of her life like a caged bird, she decides to run away. She wants to see what the outside world looks like in reality. She just wants to feel like a free person for once in her life and live life in the way any other normal eighteen-year-old girl would do. But, she doesn’t realize that the world outside works very differently from the life inside her palace. Therefore, she takes a whirlwind of wrong turns which get her into trouble.

Ek Thi Rajkumari’s story follows the various complications she faces in the outside world and how she tackles them. The show also has elements of a budding romance between Rajkumari Priyamvada and Arjun Singhaniya, a boy she meets in the outside world. They share a sweet chemistry with an on again, off again kind of relation. They fight, they go away from each other, but they simmer down and keep coming back to each other. The characters share a very believable on-screen chemistry which endeared them to the audiences. The show is quite different in the sense that it has been shot in large part in locations outside of Mumbai. This decision is in sharp contrast to most of the other shows which air on Indian television. Pataudi Palace serves as the site for most of the shots of the exterior of Rajkumari Priyamvada’s palace. The size and magnanimity of the palace lend a distinct air of grandeur to the show.

The remainder of the show is shot extensively on various Delhi localities and roads which many will connect to and recognize easily. Many famous Delhi locations like “Chandni Chowk”, as well as monuments like the “Qutab Minar” and “India Gate”, are also featured prominently. In fact, “the Red Fort” served as the location of one of the most romantic scenes in the show. It showed the two protagonists and lovers meeting each other. The show comprises of some stellar names in its list of crew. This cast includes renowned names like those of Rita Bhaduri, Ayushmann Khurrana, Smita Jaykar, Paritosh Sand, Ali Merchant, Neha Marda, Imran Khan, Sakshi Talwar, Vijay Aidasani, Anisha Hinduja, Prabha Sinha and many more.