Hindi Tv Serial Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman

Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman Hindi TV SERIALS on Colors TV

Ek Shringaar Swabhiman is a Hindi show which streams even today on Indian television and is a good watch. The show focuses on women empowerment, which is a very serious issue, especially when we talk about rural areas where women are not given a chance to showcase their talents or pursue education. They are not even given a fair opportunity to do something they like. The name of the show ‘Ek Shringaar Swabhimaan’ itself means ‘Self Respect’. This show is telecasted on Colors T.V. The show’s main characters are, a mother, named Sharda Devi and her two daughters Meghna and Naina.

These two girls Meghna and Naina have studied hard and finally, they got a degree in their hands because of their mother who always motivated them to study and become independent. However, now the real struggle starts in Sharda Devi’s life when she is searching for ideal men to marry her daughters. Since she belongs to a small place, there aren’t any good men there. When the daughters finally start working away from home, Sharda Devi starts looking for men from nearby places, who would wish to marry her daughters. Her hardwork and her prayers to find a good man finally comes true and the daughters are ultimately married.

The twist comes when, on the wedding day, the groom’s family demands that the marriage will only take place if Meghna’s younger sister Naina is also married to their younger son. And to save the Meghna’s marriage, her younger sister Naina agrees to the demand and marries the younger son. Soon after a few days of the wedding Naina and her husband start becoming friends. Both the sisters are married the family of “The Chauhans” in Jaipur. The tension arises when Sharda Devi’s daughter in-laws plan to disgrace Sharda Devi as in front of a lot of people. These people further take pictures of the incident and send it to the media. This is just a small brief of how the show goes. It is still being aired on the same channel i.e. Colors TV.