Hindi Tv Serial Ek Packet Umeed

Ek Packet Umeed Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Ek Packet Umeed is a Hindi series that was telecasted on NDTV imagine. The show was premiered on 5th February, 2005. It was a 1 hour weekly series and was aired on every Tuesday.

The story of the serial is about Umeed Bhavan and its members. Umeed Bhavan is the home for fifteen women who have undergone many sufferings in their lives. They all live there happily as one family, supporting each other during both joy and sorrow. Umeed Bhavan is run by a fifty year old lady, named Ambika Dharamraj. In that bhavan, they make different food items such as spices, pickles, papads and jams etc, packets them and then sell them in the market.

Ambika is strict and strongly believes in her morals and principles. But, concurrently she is very kind and caring towards other members of the bhavan. The other members of the Umeed bhavan are Sujata, Bakuben, Shakuben, Farzana, Maggie, Paroma, Sundari and Kanchan. Sujata is the daughter of Ambika. She is very enthusiastic and everyone loves her. Bakuben and Shakuben are the most aged among all the members. Anuj is a MBA graduate and a good friend of Sujata. He also works in Umeed bhavan.

Ambika was played by Neena Kulkarni and Sujata was played by Rupali Ganguly. Ek Packet Umeed won the Indian Telly Award for best weekly serial in the year 2008.

The serial was expected to make a great progress; but the story failed to capture the attention of the viewers. Eventually the show was ended after broadcasting only 33 episodes. The final episode was aired on 23 September, 2008.