Hindi Tv Serial Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni Season 3

Ek Nayi Ummeed Roshni Season 3 Hindi TV SERIALS on LIFE OK

It is a show broadcast on Life OK produced by pulse media .This show is all about the exciting world of doctors and the problems facing by the doctors in life. It is a much more different show from that typical saas- bahu serials and away from that kitchen politics . This show makes us realise how a doctor needs to take a tough decision during an emergency . This show highlights the real medical problems in the serial . It is completely female-oriented show and the surprising part is that the entire shooting is shot in a real hospital. It is completely different show as it doesn't show any kind of love story in the serial .

This show mainly highlights the character of Dr. Roshni which is played by Pooja Gaur who is the female lead. She was last seen in Savdhaan India . The role of Dr. Nikhil Malhotra is played by Sahil Anand. He was last seen in Saraswatichandra .Amol Palekar played Dr. Amar Kishore Singh and Roshni's grandfather. Divya Seth as Dr. Vasundhara Singh and Anjali Pandey as Mona also worked in the show. The show is all about the medical profession and the problems faced in day to day life . And the story of the show is revolving around one character Dr. Roshni and her values regarding the life of a patient. She has a different outlook for the medical profession; patient's life is more important than hospitals rules and regulations. Dr. Roshni studied in London to be a Cardiac Surgeon. She is a granddaughter of Dr. Amar Kishore Singh.

The story is all about Roshni and her belief. It is a female oriented show in which Dr. Roshni is a central character; she faces a lot of criticism but never compromise with her principles. This show describes the journey of Dr. Roshni and the main aim of the show is to inspire people and make them realise that Medicine is a noble profession. It is an attempt to clear off existing misconception towards professionals in the medicine industry. The makers of the serial Roshni have made a few changes in the storyline for more reach and to strike a chord with the audience.

There was a change in the show that focused on her challenges in her personal and professional life. And this change take the show on top that it becomes more popular. This show had been shot like a Hollywood movie and the real doctor and equipment were used and gives the touch of reality. Pooja Gaur is best suited for the role of Roshni because she is brilliant and already famous for her sweet and simple role earlier. Sahil Anand has been showcased as a flirt. And the first few episodes of the show were shot in London but it didn’t have much realism in it.

In Season 3, there were many twists and turns including Rajat hurting Roshni. Roshni is also keen on promoting Leela Hospital. And Rajat is not pleased with Sameer's act of taking decisions about Leela Hospital without consulting others. With the happenings such as Roshini too busy with her work to go home,  there were also hurdles for Roshni when Dr. Malhotra frames the latter for killing a patient. Roshni does her best to prove her innocence but eventually  fails. After being arrested Roshni is finally declared innocent.