Hindi Tv Serial Dushman

Dushman Hindi tv-serials on DD NATIONAL

Dushman was a very well mixed thrilling serial. The main character in this plot is definitely Mandira Bedi. But everyone has crafted their role wonderfully. Dushman, from the name the essence of enmity, comes to play. Two friends turn out to be great enemies than being friends. The plot still prevails nowadays in the case of the neighbours, friends and even in a relationship too. The daily headlines read friend murdered at the house or something similar to this.

In the present scenario especially if I take an example of two boys and a girl. I give the condition that both of them love the girl. A love triangle as you say. Suddenly the girl gets murdered, so obviously the boys would blame the other for her murder. But the example might not always hold true. This serial is a classic example of this stereotypical sort of plot. From the beginning till the end, we see the friendship growing and suddenly a murder takes place. This is the climax of the plot. This is where the confusion begins as I exemplified with the love triangle. But that's not true.

A twist plays on when one of them finds that someone killed their son. That's what ignites the enmity. They become very rich and are the owner of great flats and buildings. The story once again takes a turn when they come to know it wasn’t he who killed his friend. So friendship reignited, to be specific. Now here I want to make a comment that the ending is not always true. The plot doesn’t always prevails after each and every misunderstanding, especially in a case where murder is involved.

So personally I feel this is where the plot sinks down a bit. If I ignore the last part, the acting direction and screenplay were apt and up to the mark. I saw an episode on an online website where the son gets murdered, and the entire atmosphere including every aspect of a serial made me dumbstruck. Moreover, the originality of the story is a major attraction. Though being a fiction, it is nonfiction. As the concept of friendship and enmity between close friends prevails even today. It's a must watch serial.