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Hindi Tv Serial Dream Girl

Other names : Dreamgirl - Ek Ladki Deewani Si
Dream Girl Hindi tv-serials on LIFE OK

Dream Girl is a drama based Indian show that runs on the channel Life OK. The show also goes by the name of Ek Ladki Deewani Si. The show is produced by Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions with its producers, Shashi and Sumeet Mittal. The show has the actors Shraddha Arya as its female lead, Sudeep Sahir as its male lead, and Kunal Verma and Khalid Siddiqui as a pivotal character. The story begins with a young woman who comes from a small town in Jodhpur, named Lakshmi Mathur (played by Nikita Dutta). She has this dream of becoming the next Dreamgirl of India, and to become the leading actress in the Navrang Studios. Navrang Studios is the property of a prestigious family named the Sareens. They reside with luxuries in the Pali Hills of Mumbai.

Lakshmi takes her dreams to Mumbai in hopes of fulfilling them. During this process, she comes across the second son of the Sareen family and falls in love with him. Both the people feel the same way for each other and confess their feeling to become lovers. Ayesha Sareen (played by of Shraddha Arya) of the Sareen family holds the current title of the Dreamgirl. She is known to be a cunning woman who is ambitious to protect her title of the Dreamgirl and the power that comes with it. She wishes to be India’s Dreamgirl forever and will do anything to stop anyone from replacing her. The only reason she’s secured the safety of her position is that she never had to compete with any other girl who possessed a spark in talent like her. She knows that her life is about to change and her time as India’s only Dreamgirl is over when she finds out about Lakshmi. Lakshmi works very hard to prove her skills in acting to Ayesha.

However, Ayesha is never impressed, and it only angers her more as Lakshmi becomes unconsciously better. Ayesha does everything in her hands to keep Lakshmi from stealing her title of the Dreamgirl. When she finds out that her brother-in-law, Samar, is in love with Laksmi, Ayesha becomes even more outrageous and plots to keep her away from him as well. However, Samar has no doubts in Ayesha and has a lot of faith in her. Lakshmi finds out that Ayesha is jealous and insecure of her, which is why she keeps topping her up with multiple challenges to tackle. However, Lakshmi still manages to overcome all those challenges. Samar and Lakshmi find out the truth behind Ayesha when they are in the process of their wedding preparations.

Another Version of the Serial...

Dream Girl is an Indian television series broadcast on Life OK. It features Shraddha Arya, Nikita Dutta, Mohsin Khan, Sudeep Sahir, Kunal Verma, and Khalid Siddiqui. The show ceased airing on March 4, 2016. Sareens is a prestigious Mumbai film family that owns Navarang Studios. Lakshmi Mathur, an aspiring Dream girl, based in Jodhpur, travels to Mumbai to fulfil her dreams and falls in love with the youngest son of the Sareen family, Samar. Ayesha Roy, Samar's cunning and ambitious sister-in-law. She is overprotective of her power and title. She wants to be irreplaceable and India's only dream girl. However, Lakshmi has the talent and the spark to become a dream girl. She tries to prove her skills. It angered Ayesha. She found out that Samar and Lakshmi love each other.

Lakshmi succeeds in all of Ayesha's challenges. It makes Ayesha feel insecure. Then, she tricks her brother, Karan, into thinking Lakshmi loves him. Ayesha succeeded in transferring all ownership rights of Navarang to her name. After all misunderstanding cleared Lakshmi and Samar got engaged; Samar revelaes all Aysha’s misdeeds to Manav. Samar meets with an accident while chasing Aysha. After treatment he reveles about Aysha’s misdeed towards her twin sister and Shareens starts to hate her. After some time Samar and Lakshmi got married. Samar and Manav die in a car accident on Samar’s marriage day when they set out to extinguish the fires.

Samar's body is found but not Manav’s body. The Screens discover Ayesha's "dark secret," which is her twin sister, Aarti. They use Aarti (who gladly helps) to fight against Ayesha for their studio. Aarti impersonates Ayesha and tells all investors that she will pay them all their money with interest. There is a new entry in the series, Raghu. Ayesha is trying to impress Raghu and dreams of marrying a wealthy businessman named Arjun Agnihotri. Aarti tries to restore Navrang to its former glory. The story goes on.