Hindi Tv Serial Dr. Madhumati On Duty

Dr. Madhumati On Duty Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

An Indian television series, based on drama in a hospital, aired on Sab TV, on 7th June 2016. Renamed after the original series called ‘Dr. Bhanumati on duty’. It revolves around a hospital in which the main protagonist, Dr. Madhumati (Debina Banerjee) who is anti-love and has lost faith in it, which is clashed with the beliefs of a romantic doctor, Dr. Mohan (Vipul Roy). Many different characters, with a different storyline and purpose, were introduced after the re-launch of the show. It has 94 episodes in total and the last episode was broadcasted on 14th October 2016.

Madhumati in the show is serious and keen on being a strict doctor keeping her staff concentrated on their work. The real twist begins when she starts falling for him and starts believing in love and, Mohan works his way around with fun and laughter. A lot of controversies were created when the lead of the originally created show posted on social media about quitting the show due to repetitive content and plagiarism, which the show was later also accused of sexism. Therefore the creator decided to end it and began from a new start, by renaming and re-launching it. And hence it differs from the earlier version, with a change in the entire cast. Vipul D. Shah, the creator of the show continues with the show and connects the audience with the previous parts.

Sony Pictures being the distributor, the show runs for approximately 22 minutes each. Audience says, this show has taken the small screens by storm, and is a must watch for every television fanatic, calling the show one of the most versatile among all the recent top-grossing shows. The comedy blends well with humor and it works tremendously well for the viewers and makes their evenings a time to cherish and look forward to.

The mix of chemistry and drama creates a new look and keeps the audience seated and waited for the next episode. The duo of Madhumati and Gopi is one of the best and the comedy keeps the audience entertained. Hospital comedy is hard to find and rare in the television industry, coming up with this innovative idea, as it hits off with the script as well, making the dialogue and plots unique. This is a great lighthearted show and yet again a classic by Sab TV, never failing to entertain and fill the viewers with joy. One should definitely go ahead and give this show a go!