Hindi Tv Serial Do Lafzon Ki Kahani

Do Lafzon Ki Kahani Hindi Tv serials on Sahara tv
Do lafzon ki kahani is a Hindi television serial that aired on Sahara TV now known as Sahara One. The serial was produced by Kiran Shroff and Kushan Nandy and directed by Kushan Nandy. This is the only Hindi TV serial in which the dancing queen of Bollywood Helen acted in a pivotal role. The other actors in the cast included big names like Aman Verma, Samyukta, Nivika Tugnait, Jas Arora and Saanjh. The story relates to three generations of women in a family, a mother, her adopted daughter and grand daughter. The story is about how human being goes through the trials of life for different reasons. The adopted daughter loves some one but is forced to marry some one else to please her foster mother. Though she gets into this marriage only to please her mother, she refuses to consummate it because she does not love her husband, but loves some one else.

The uniqueness of the serial lay in the fact that the legendary vamp and dancing queen of Bollywood, Helen was putting off the proposals of acting on the small screen for years together and had gone on to a retired life, she couldn't resist when this role of mother was offered to her by Kushan Nandy. This was the only serial she has appeared in.

The serial was telecast on Sahara TV (now Sahara One) on June 20, 2001 and lasted many episodes.