Hindi Tv Serial Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhava?

Dil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhava? Hindi Tv serials on Life ok

Dil Se Di Dua…Saubhagyavati Bhava? Or Jhanvi Ki Kahani is an Indian drama and psychological thriller-based serial from Life OK channel. The show runs from December 18, 2011 to January 18, 2013.

The story is about Jhanvi Dobriyal’s (played by Sriti Jha) endeavor as the wife of an over-controlling and obnoxious husband, Viraj Dobriyal (played by Karanvir Bohra). Viraj has two personalities. He was a polite and pleasant to others, but when he comes home, he is a completely different person. Viraj has a vicious childhood. He is foolishly controlling while being pleasant, refined and kind.

Everyone knows him for being a perfect husband and only his wife knows and deals with his scheming and senseless side. He was a wealthy businessman and he loves his wife since college. However, Jhanvi faced tremendous violence and torment from her husband. She loves her husband and she tried to change him but failed. When she gets pregnant, she prayed that the child will change her husband. But because of Viraj’s extreme torture, she has miscarriage and lost the baby. Jhanvi ran away when she faked her death and starts a new life in Gurgaon. She changed her identity and she is now, Sia Raghavendra Pratap Singh. Viraj was surprised to hear the death of Jhanvi.

Meanwhile, Raghav (played by Harshad Chopra) met Sia. He became her savior and assists her in becoming tough so she could face all her fears. Raghav fell for Sia, but she keeps on being oblivious. Sia met Raghav’s family and they all started to love her and accept her in their family. However, Viraj was currently tracking Sia since he found out that she was still alive. When she finds her, she made a drama on Raghav’s family to get Sia back. But Raghav helped Sia and they got Viraj arrested. Sia realizes her feelings for Raghav and she divorced her marriage to Viraj and marries Raghav. She started living her new life with Raghav and his family.

Viraj was sent to mental asylum and Rana uses an ECT shock treatment to Viraj, so he could forget everything. This make Viraj’s mind to become a 7-year old’s. When he gained his memory back, he tried to get Sia again from Raghav, but he took Viraj back to jail. However, some goons attacked them and shot Raghav to death. Everyone blames Viraj, and Sia wanted a revenge for Raghav’s death. Viraj tries to tell her that he was innocent and attempts to bring her back to his life. He uses a poison to bring Sia back to her, and informed Sia that she can give an antidote if she will come back to him. But Sia ignore it and threw the antidote, since she doesn’t want to live anymore.

Sia’s organs were donated to other people. Her heart was donated to Ananya (played by Mala Salariya). She is a journalist and she wants to uncover the truth about Viraj and Sia’s story, until she finds out that the heart she got was from Sia. Ananya tried to finds out and expose Viraj as Sia’s murderer. When Viraj founds out that Ananya got Sia’s heart, he tried to get it back from Ananya.

The story ends after Ananya cursed Viraj and he suddenly realizes all the bad actions he had done with Sia. He went to the police and surrenders himself. He was punished to be in jail for 14 years.

Other casts includes Vinay Rohrra as Rajender, Ram Mehar Jangra as Unniyal, Zubin Dutt as Sanjay, Sudha Chandran as Ms. Vyas, Mouli Dutta as Paromita, Jaya Ojha as Uma, Sumukhi Pendse as Gayatri and a lot more.