Hindi Tv Serial Dil Ne Suna

Dil Ne Suna Hindi Tv serials

Dil Ne Suna is a short story in Hindi that airs on the channel, Star Utsav. The channel, Star Utsav is a Hindi entertainment channel. It is part of the Star TV network and is distributed worldwide by Star India. The show was aired in the year 1999 on 1st January. The story was shot as one whole episode and was aired in a single episode for 1 and a half hour. Dil Ne Suna is not exactly a television show, but an independent short story which is part of the television franchise called “Director’s Cut.” Director’s Cut is a compilation of many short stories made independently by many different directors, the first of which was Dil Ne Suna.

 One of these short stories was telecasted every week. Each of these stories had a different plot and had different endings. This endeavor gave a platform to talented actors, and directors like Mahesh Bhatt, Saurabh Shukla, etc. to show their individual work, creativity and skill in the field of acting and film making. The stories were also way ahead of their time and showed the harsh reality of life. Dil Ne Suna was directed by the ace director, Mahesh Bhatt in his initial days as a film maker. The story was written by Mahesh Bhatt and Tanuja Chandra. Many new and talented actors of the time were casted in the show.

 These actors have now made their own place in the film and television industry. Actors like Ashutosh Rana, Raageshwari, Anupam Shyam, Divya Jagdale, etc. were part of this story. Many other veteran actors like Rajat Kapoor, Mansi Joshi Roy, Gopi Desai, Ash Chandler, Gauri Karnik, Vineet Kumar, etc. were part of some other stories in the franchise. The story of Dil Ne Suna involved a young woman named Cherry. Cherry was orphaned at a very tender age and has lived with her uncle and aunt ever since. But as she starts to grow up, her uncle and aunt start harassing her, both physically and mentally.

She gets tired of this life and wants to run away from her uncle and aunt’s house. Given her situation, she is put into a hermitage called Apna Ghar. She starts living there but is still haunted by the behavior of her uncle and aunt. It infuriates her, and she wants to take revenge upon them. One day she runs away from the hermitage and sneaks back into her uncle and aunt’s house to take her revenge. She takes her revenge by killing both her uncle and aunt. In the meanwhile, Abhijit, the caretaker of the hermitage is on a lookout for her. He finally finds her somehow and brings her back to the hermitage convincing that she would have a better life there. Does she finally end up getting a better life? The stories are now available online for you to discover what happens in the end.