Hindi Tv Serial Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane Hindi tv-serials on SONY ENTERTAINMENT

Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane is a drama-based Indian soap opera that airs on the channel Sony TV. The show stars the well-known actors Ram Kapoor as the male lead and Gurdeep Kohli as the female lead character. The show is mildly inspired and loosely extracted on the semi-autobiographical novel ‘A Taste of Life: The Last Days of UG Krishnamurti,’ which is written by the writer Mahesh Bhatt. The main protagonists of the show are Ram Ahuja (played by the actor Ram Kapoor) and Anandita Ram Ahuja, who also goes by the name of Anu (played by the actor Gurdeep Kohli).

The story highlights the unfortunate events of Ram Ahuja’s wife who suffers from cancer. Anandita understands the consequences that she will have to face as she suffers from the terminal illness. She wishes to embrace the fact that she is going to die. She wants to stop her treatment, therapy and medication in order to come to her end as soon as possible. She does not want her husband and her two kids that she loves so much to go through the agony of watching her suffer as she slowly comes to meet her fate. She believes that if she were to die anyway, she would want it to happen as soon as possible instead of putting her family through the pain of seeing her suffer as well.

However, Ram loves his wife very much and is not ready to accept the brutal fact that there lies no choice except accepting the truth and letting her go. He disregards her wishes to die soon. He wants to stay with her and he wants her to get healthy again for the whole family to get better. He tries the highest measures to keep her from dying and he is ready to do anything in order to keep his wife alive. The show poses a quintessential question that comes when two people care for each other very much, that is, how far would one be willing to go in order to keep the love between the two people alive and possible. The show comes into play when Anu dies after battling cancer for a long time. The story shifts it focus on Ram and his life after the death of his wife. His world turns over completely and he has a very hard time to move on from the brutal fact that no matter how hard he tried to save his wife, she is gone and he has to move on.