Hindi Tv Serial Dil Hai Chota Sa Choti Si Asha

Dil Hain Chotasa Choti Si Asha Hindi tv-serials on SONY Pal

Sony Pal TV, a channel of Sony Entertainments released a new reality show, Dil Hai Chota Sa Choti Si Aasha. The show is a reality fun game program with hosts Ragini Khanna and Jay Soni who are also Television actors and have acted in quite a few daily soaps. They were last seen together in Sasural Genda Phool and became one of the popular couples of television. The show is directed by Inder Kochar and produced by White Script. ‘Dil Hai Chota Sa…’ focuses on celebrating womanhood and gives them a chance to win a good amount of money through playing games. It is a game show with four women contestants who have come from different background and have experienced tough conditions and situations. All of these women have their personal, inspiring stories. Director of the show has centralized the idea of uplifting all the suppressed women dealing with their lives by encouraging woman empowerment.

Issues related to women have always been a sensitive topic for the country, and while keeping in mind, the show wants to motivate the spirit of women to excel and pursue their dreams for themselves and give a shot to what they couldn’t do before.  Here, women share stories and experiences of all the good and the bad moments of their lives.

In this simple show, all the four contestants play games and earn virtual money. They are made to play different levels and several rounds of games to raise rewards. At the end of the show the channel converts all the virtual money or the winning sum which is earned by them in cash. The show aims to help women through money won by them so that it can act as a remedy to their life in starting new ventures and supporting the people around them and move forward. Channel has come up with such a concept because the idea of empowering women is crucial and welcomed by almost each and every person in this country.

According to the information, the show has a set of twenty-three episodes for one hour each.


Another Version Story...


A mother’s love is invaluable; it is priceless. The story is all about the love between mother and her pretty little daughter. The mother, Aditi loves her daughter Jigyasa. She was the mother who would do anything to keep a smile on her daughter’s face. Jigyasa was not her own daughter. Her own daughter was murdered during the bank robbery. Jigyasa was her adopted child, and she had now become the reason of Aditi's life. Aditi was very happy to have Jigyasa as a daughter and she was the most important person in her life. Jigyasa was now growing up. She started going to school. Now, Jigyasa desiderated her father, because in the incident of bank robbery Aditi lost her husband also.

So, Jigyasa feels very awful because she has no father, and if any parents competition was to take place in her school, her mother didn’t participate because she was alone……every children’s’ father came to receive their child, but she had no father to come hug her and take her back home. The turning point comes when a man, Hritik comes in the life of Jigyasa.He was married, but had no child and Jigyasa comes across him when she was scaried while crossing the road. Hritik helped her…that was the start of their meeting, and after that day they started to meet every day.

Hritik always bought chocolates for her along with gifts, and she got closer to him day by day and vice versa; he treats her like his own child. Jigyasa always talks about Hritik to her mother (Aditi), how hewas so sweet and caring. She never leaves a single second to appreciate him. Aditi now wanted to meet Hritik. One day, Jigyasa told her uncle Hritik that her mother wanted to meet him and they decided to meet at school after it ended. Next day, three of them met and Jigyasa introduces both of them to each otherAfter that day, they start meeting almost every day due to Jigyasa's obstinacy.

They started liking each other but Aditi’s not ready because Hritik ismarried even though Hritik’s marriage was only a business deal, his wife Awantika always criticized him, behaved rudely and treated him as if he was her slave. When Hritik realizes that he also started liking Aditi,he tries to get rid ofAwantika. After that Hritik, Aditi and Jigyasa started living a loving life. One day a man comes, and starts calling Jigyasa his daughter. Many controversies happen on this topic but finally that man takes Jigyasa with him. Jigyasa didn’t want to leave with him, and Aditi and Hritik were devasted.

The man’s name was Rushal Chaudry who took Jigyasa as his daughter was not actually her father. He was a fraud. He took children and sold them in a big deal, and he tried to do the same with Jigyasa. He kept her for 1 week and sold her for 2 Lakhs…the place where Jigyasa was sold was the place where all the children were sent to beg from people on the road. But Jigyasa was against this and she tried to raise her voice against it. The people who forced them to beg started criticizing Jigyasa.

But she never gave up, she always tried to fight against them and then, she made a plan with all the other children who were working with her to get rid with this problem and she was successful. She becomes a hero in whole country and her mother Aditi and father Hritik feel very proud of her. By the age of 25, she establishes various NGO’s; and supports people who cannot support themselves, especially children.