Hindi Tv Serial Di Lagi


Ary Group is a well-known Pakistani network in the Television Industry. It is also renowned in main parts of North America, Europe, and the Middle East. The head office of the Ary Group is in Dubai and Abdul Razzak, a Pakistani businessman is the founder of the Ary Group of Companies. Ary Digital is an Urdu language channel and one of most loved Channels in Pakistan. Dil Lagi is a serial on Ary Digital which falls under the genre category - romance. The Show has been set in the street of Sukkur, Sindh with two main characters, Mohid and Anmol. Anmol is a simple girl who lives in Sukkur with her mother and a younger sister, Mishal Ansari. Anmols's father was a very innocent man and was no more.

He paid off a debt that he owed to Kifayat Ali, a local moneylender by using his home as a security to pay the debt. But after he died, no one in the family had the proof that the debt was paid. Mohid's and Anmol's encounter is the essence of the story. Kifayat Ali hired Mohid to get Anmol and her family evicted from the house. Mohid is a young man, who works in the field of real estate and has good contacts. Initially, Mohid asks his assistant Dastagir to go and evict Anmol's house. But, Anmol throws anyone sent by Mohid out of the house as she is not scared of anyone and stands there with her mother. Then, Mohid himself goes to the house. Anmol's mother tells him the whole story and the fraud Kifayat Ali did to them.

Mohid listens to them and decides to help them instead of evicting them. He helps Anmol's mother to get the documents that she needs as proof that her husband already paid the debt. Anmol on the other hand doesn't realize that Mohid is helping them out of humanity and asks him to leave the family alone. Soon the misunderstanding between them solves and Anmol gets married to Mohid. Everything was going to be alright and Anmol starts to fall for Mohid until he suspects that Anmol is having an affair with someone and that she is pregnant with his baby. On confrontation, Anmol couldn't control her emotions and causes a scene at Mohid's house making him angry. He slaps her and Anmol leaves Mohid's house to go to her mother. Mohid does realize that Anmol was not having an affair. But it was too late, as Anmol’s hatred towards Mohid increased.

One day, Kifayat Ali evacuates a school building and starts to demolish it, but Mohid risks his life and saves the school building by standing in front of the bulldozer and the police watches the entire action. Kifayat Ali is compelled to stop his actions. Anmol watches this incident and feels all her emotions stirred on seeing Mohid standing in front of her house. Anmol and Mohid feel the love they still have for each other. Mohid promises that he will come to get her with a wedding procession and does come to take her on a horse. Everything goes well and both are happy until Kifayat Ali hires someone to shoot Mohid. While Mohid is in the hospital fighting for his life, Anmol goes into depression. After a while, Anmol tries to focus and pray for Mohid to get better. Eventually, Mohid recovers and they start a normal life all over again.