Hindi Tv Serial Dhoom

Dhoom Hindi Tv serials

Dhoom is a musical show aired on Sahara One on a daily basis at the 8:30 AM slot. It showcased the latest Bollywood hit songs which were trending amidst audiences. Dhoom formed a pair with Golden Melodies which was being aired right before Dhoom at 8:00 AM. However, Golden Melodies catered exclusively to the songs of yesteryears, mainly films belonging to the 1980s and the decades preceding that.

These shows were launched with the intention to engage a larger section of the audience. Golden Melodies was supposed to entertain the older generation and take them on a nostalgic trip down memory lane where they could relive their old favourite songs and fondly remember their memories as well.

Dhoom, in contrast, was aimed at the younger audiences who are in their teenage years or early to mid-twenties. It was well received and liked by the audiences garnering mostly positive responses. The selection of songs was entertaining, and Sahara One made it a point to show the latest hit features of the time. Hence, their objective of engaging the younger audiences was satisfied, and they could successfully interact with a larger base.

The show is remembered fondly owing to the fantastic tracks it used to play, all featuring from the latest Bollywood movies. It dealt in a mixture of genres including romantic, action, hip-hop, item numbers and much more. Sahara One is well known for frequently experimenting with its programmes and introducing a variety of shows based on its suitability with the audience in mind and the prevalent trends on television.

It was with a similar vision that Sahara One was rebranded from Sahara TV. The move was made keeping the latest audience reactions and trends in mind. They wished to cater to both their existing members of the viewer base as well as attract new members with an interactive range of programmes, most of which were starkly different from the popular shows on offer on other competing Hindi entertainment channels.

While these experiments did not always go well, they were mostly successful in gauging the viewer’s requirements and tweaking the shows accordingly. Dhoom was another such experiment and clicked well with the majority of its audience. It ran successfully for a number of months and garnered positive reviews as well as a loyal fan base who used to listen regularly on most days.

This helped bolster the show’s as well as the channel’s popularity and reach greater heights in the Hindi entertainment programming landscape