Hindi Tv Serial Detective Omkar Nath DON

Detective Omkar Nath DON Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Detective Omkar Nath is an Indian teleserial which was based in Mumbai. This serial is a mixer of comedy in a thriller which makes it fun to watch. Star One Channel originally aired this serial on Feb 10, 2006. The serial got a heartwarming response from the audiences. Parmeet Sethi, the well-known opera actor, and director rocked as the detective Omkar Nath. The serial is not your regular story where Hero will run miles and miles around and catch the accused.

The serial is a story where you can see the down to earth characters in a thriller comedy way. There won't be hi-fi technologies; there won't be boring technical explanation most of all there won't be any scientific things involved in the serial. But there will be a detective in disguise which is the comical part in the serial; our DON can hide his identity with a single wig or even with a fake beauty spot. A lot of problems are being faced by people each and every day. Shailja Kejriwal, the creative director of STAR India network, says that they have tried to depict a friendly and brilliant detective, how he works and mingles with the public in finding the culprit, his presence of mind and sharp grasping power.

This DON helps the people and create more awareness of what are all the crimes that are being developed. This helps us to understand that murder or stealing are not the only crime. In this show, you can see the parents who kidnapped their son, a wife who is falsely accused of her husband's death. This serial shows the unusual crimes that take place in ordinary innocent lives. You can see the hard work and research behind each and every episode. The team did try to give their best shot from the story to the settings; they take a great effort. But they lacked the technical explanation and failed to bring expectation and excitement among the viewers.

Parmeet Sethi did an excellent job with his wits and humour sense making the serial from sounding so serious and boring. Other than him you can say that something is missing in the whole serial. And with the rise of CID, slowly the serial starts to gain low TRP rating. It didn't reach the expectation of the channel and is taken down.