Hindi Tv Serial Dekho Magar Pyaar Se

Dekho Magar Pyaar Se Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
Dekho Magar Pyaar Se (Watch, but with Love) is a romantic comedy Indian TV serial in 2004, aired under Star Plus channel. It is based on the story of the Venezuelan telenovela, Mi Gorda Bella (My Sweet Fat Valentine) in 2002.

The story is about the beautiful girl, Nikita Sareen, played by Shweta Agarwal. Nikita is very popular with her full-figured body, and everyone admires her. She has a pretty spirit, a pleasant character and an almost perfect physical looks, so she was loved by everyone who knew her. Food has been her balsam for mollifying her empty heart and fostering her from the pain of being expelled on the boarding school at her very young age. When good fate was about to come, a tragic accident happens to her mother, Sarika Sareen which was played by Indian film actress, Anudrha Patel. Sarika died and Nikita was forced to reside on the agonizing grasp of her aunt Devyani, which was played by Reena Wadhwa, with the attempt to steal Nikita’s inheritance. Karan, which was played by Keith Sequeira, is Devyani’s nephew and the only person in the house that treats Nikita with sympathy. However, Karan’s girlfriend, Tanya Bedi, which was played by Priyanka Bassi, is doing all her best to keep Nikita and Karan apart from each other. Later on, it was divulged that Karan is the illegitimate son of Devyani, and not her brother’s son. Nikki and Karan got married and afterwards, Nikki got an accident and was assumed dead. People accused Karan of killing his wife, and nobody knew that Nikki was rescued by some nuns and they bought her to Goa. She started to lose weight and then later adopt her new character as Anamika, which was played by Shraddha Nigam. Three years after, Nikki became romantically involved with Arjun, which was played by Kushal Punjabi. And then, she came back for her vengeance.

Dekho Magar Pyaar Se is created by the Prime Channel and BAG Films. It was directed by Shrey Guleri and Guroudev Bhall. Other casts includes, Reena Kapoor as Kaya, Priyanka Bassi as Tanya, Amit Behl as Bobby Bedi, Sushma Prakash as Tara Bedi, Sudhir Pandey as Surender, Manoj Bidwai as Abhi, Ashish Kaul as Anil, Anupam Bhattacharya as K.K, Vaishnavi Mahant as Priyanka Maasi, Mailini Kapoor as Yana, Vishal Watwani as Sameer and Rocky Verma as Baba Kidnapper.