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Dateline Punjab is a Doordarshan TV serial which used to be aired in 2010. The show makes a video report on Punjab and the various places in it and airs it for the viewers to watch. Many people think they know about Punjab, but in reality they don't. This false sense has arisen because of many Bollywood films.

Dateline Punjab showcases the best and the worst places of the city. It visits all the places it can. The host interviews various people from various places. Punjab is a beautiful state. It has five rivers flowing through it, which makes it a beautiful place to visit. It also has a historical landmark. There are not many large companies working in the area. Most of the people over there have their own business.

As it is with every state, Punjab also has negative things about it which are often brought into the limelight. The political scenario is not any better than that of Delhi. The production crew travels to hotels and restaurants, and they interview many people there. They don't go to the high standard hotels, as they would be same all over the country.

These restaurants, or Dhabas, are mostly located on the highways. The cameraman also takes a shot of the food being made. There is also a beautiful scenery in the state, which is beautifully captured and showed in the form of a slide show. They use some of these photos for the ending credits. Dateline Punjab plays a huge role in improving the geographical and social knowledge about Punjab.

They also visit villages and visit many families over there. They talk about how life is over there, how big is their family and what is their profession. The houses visited are not of politicians or rich people, they belong to the poor class and people who are struggling to keep a hood over their body. They also visit farms. The episode is narrated by a lady, the same voice which we hear on many other Doordarshan shows.

They also show the youth culture of the state. Heads of colleges and schools are interviewed. What you can think of it is, as a news show and a documentary show. It advertises Punjab in the best way possible.