Hindi Tv Serial Dahleez


The serial Dahleez is popularly known as Swadheenta, because of the name of the lead female role. This show is a Hindi romantic genre that includes a part of fiction, and courtroom drama. The writers of this TV show are ‘Farhan Salaruddin’ and ‘Rajesh Chawla’. This series is one of the top rated serials at times, when it was being telecasted successfully. Star Plus always comes up with new and innovative ideas to reach people. Dahleez is also one of such attempts made by Star Plus. Though the serial didn’t last for a long time, it attracted audience with its minimised and beautiful theme.

This series was premiered on March 14, 2016, and went off-air on June 26, 2016. This series has completed a total of 104 episodes and was being produced by Fortune Productions owned by Farhan Salaruddin. The whole story takes place mostly in Mumbai and Delhi. The main cast of the show is ‘Harshad Arora’ in a lead role (Male) as Adarsh Sinha – IAS officer, and ‘Tridha Choudhury’ in a lead role (Female) as Swadheenta- an Advocate. In addition to this, there is some supporting cast as well. The opening theme song of the show is Jiya Re composed by ‘Jubin Nautiyal’. This show is a love story between Adarsh and Swadheenta, who are having same goals but their way of approach to their goals are different.

In this story, Adarsh is from a well- educated family background called Sinhas’. He is the middle one of the three brothers. His elder brother Jaidev Sinha (‘Meer Ali’), is a bureaucratic officer and his younger brother Abhay Sinha (‘Aryan Pandit’), is an IPS officer and Adarsh is an IAS officer. His mother Suhasini Sinha (‘Meghna Malik’), is a Senior Advocate and Father Manohar Sinha (‘Amit Behl’), is also a bureaucratic officer. Swadheenta is a freshly passed out Lawyer from Chennai. Adarsh always takes the side of truth and justice, and she takes the side of poor and their rights. She lives in Chandni Chowk with her uncle, aunt and brother.

Once, Adarsh happens to see her in an engagement and falls in love with her at the very first sight. He tries to talk to her, invites her for a coffee and so on. But she declines. Once she wins a case that impresses his mother, and she offers Swadheenta to work as her assistant. Swadheenta accepts the offer and happens to go to Faridabad on a case. On the other hand, Adarsh was the chief officer of that case, and they both spend some beautiful time, getting close to each other as best friends.

But suddenly he returns as his mother call him to see for a marriage proposal. Adarsh returns but he doesn’t like their proposal, as he is in love with Swadheenta. Finally, he confesses his love to her but then she introduces Adarsh to her fiancée. Then, her dad places a condition that the one who can prove to be the best will be married to his daughter. Finally, Adarsh fails to prove, but Swadheenta realizes that he is the best pair for her. Then she confesses her love to Adarsh at his engagement with the other girl.

At first, Suhasini declines the proposal, but later looking at the position of the relationship of his elder son she feels that it would be better if she accepts their love. When the arrangements were going on well, they come to know about the terrorist plan for bombing and that Swadheenta’s brother and uncle were accused. It is because the terrorists were her brother’s friends. After the marriage, she takes the side of her uncle to prove them right and faces the situation of stepping out of the house. But Adarsh also takes her side as he knew that she was right. Finally, she is successful in proving herself right in the case, and everything sorts out between both the families.