Hindi Tv Serial Daam

Daam Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Daam belonged to drama genre. It is originally a Pakistani show which used to come on ARY Digital from 11 June 2010 to 15 October 2010. It had 18 episodes. It was directed by Mehreen Jabbar, an award-winning director and was written by Umera Ahmed, a famous Urdu novelist. The opening song was sung by Haniya and Zeb. The show was produced by Abdullah Kadwani and Humayun Saeed under the banner, 7th Sky Entertainment. It premiered in India on Zindagi TV from 26 October 2015. It ended on 29 November 2015.

The main cast of the show included Aamina Sheikh aka Maleeha, Sanam Baloch aka Zara, Shahid Naqvi aka Hidayatullah who is Zara's father, Lubna Aslam aka Amna who is Zara's mother, Muhammad Yasir aka Jamaal who is Zara's brother, Pari Hashmi aka Mano, Sanam Saeed aka Fiza, Nimra Bucha aka Aasma, Adeel Hussain aka Junaid and Deepti Batra who played the role of a prostitute who later turns into a sweeper. The supporting cast of the show included Ahmed Zeb aka Ali, Farah Nadir aka Mumani, Atif Badar aka Ghulam Ali who is a shopkeeper, Behroze Sabzwari aka Haji Saab, Parveen Malik aka Maleeha's mother, Muhammad Ahmed aka Sami who is Maleeha's father, and Faisal Shah aka Yasir.

There were two notable guest stars also i.e. Aijaz Aslam and Humayun Saeed. Maleeha Sami and Zara Hidayatullah are very close friends from more than seven years. While Maleeha belongs to an upper-class family, Zara belongs to a lower-middle-class family yet their friendship has never got affected by their class difference. They have an unbreakable bond. Maleeha had always been there for Zara in all hardships but she had never really felt the extent of the mental pain of Zara's life.

Their friendship faces a huge blow when Junaid, Maleeha's elder brother, wants to marry Zara and their parents also have no problem regarding their relation. Maleeha is unable to accept this relation as she can’t think Zara who belongs to average status marrying her perfect brother. Fiza who is Maleeha's sister-in-law cum cousin and also Maleeha and Zara's classmate begins her manipulating against Zara. On the other hand, Zara’s family has found a perfect match for Aasma and so Zara tells Junaid to bring his family to meet hers with the proposal after Aasma's marriage.

Things become worse when Zara's father is caught for defrauding in a business scheme on which he was working. Zara’s family needs a large sum of money for his bail which they don’t have so Zara asks Maleeha's help to which Maleeha places a condition that Zara would have to break up with Junaid if she wants money. Zara feeling insulted and helpless agrees by giving Junaid's gifted pendent to her. Zara turns down proposal brought by Junaid's family by lying that she is committed to her cousin.

Fiza develops feelings for Junaid and tries to convince Junaid's family including Maleeha for their marriage, but Junaid denies so Fiza begins to create differences between Yasir her brother and Maleeha's husband, and Maleeha. On the other hand, Zara leaves to Glasgow as she receives 100% scholarship for her further studies. After sometimes she moves to London and returns all money to Maleeha that she had spent over Zara in the duration of their friendship.

A leap of seven years is shown after which Zara who is now professionally successful reconnects with Junaid who is unhappily married to Fiza. Junaid comes to know about Zara's lie about her engagement and decides to divorce Fiza, after knowing that Zara is still single and confronting Maleeha about everything. Maleeha is acted when Yasir threatens her that he would divorce her if Junaid leaves Fiza. Maleeha goes to Zara to ask forgiveness for what she did to her seven years ago and also decides to convince her to deny marrying Junaid.

Zara has no intention to marry Junaid but tells Maleeha about how much she loved Junaid and how much injustice Maleeha had done to her. Maleeha regrets her behavior and also realizes that due to her mistake she has lost both most important people in her life. She confesses everything to Junaid and decides to leave Yasir herself. Zara returns to the UK after rejecting Junaid, but she tells him that she would never forget the time that she had spent with him.

The ending shows Maleeha calling Zara a year later who is happily married to wish on her birthday, but Zara tells her husband that it is her classmate on the phone and not her best friend. The show's title is appropriate with respect to the story as it is all about the price that Maleeha pays to Zara to stop the marriage and how that becomes a great Daam for everyone.