Hindi Tv Serial Daal Mein Kala

Daal Mein Kala Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Daal Mein Kala is a laugh-riot comedy directed and produced by Asha Parekh (Indian Actress) which aired in 1998 on Star Plus. This show was known as the one of the best comedy TV shows ever in the history of Indian television.

 The story revolves around Ram Sinha (Navin Nischol), living his life with his three younger brothers Lakhan (Dharampal), Bharat (Dilip Joshi), and Shatrughan (Rakesh Thareja). In this comedy show, Ram owns a restaurant. Ram is a person who hates women and he also wants from his brothers that they should also hate and avoid every women, but his brothers don’t think in the same way as Ram thinks, so, whenever Ram is not around them, they always try to do something for fun and enjoyment but the things seem to be a disaster later and that creates a hilarious situation.

The cast of the show includes Navin Nischol as Ram Sinha, Dilip Joshi as Bharat, 'Dharampal' as Lakhan, Rakesh Thareja as Shatrughan, who was later replaced by Ronak Kotecha as Shatrughan, Sharad Sankla as Charudutt Yalgaonkar a.k.a. Chai, Kishore Bhanushali as Coffee, Smita Jaykar as Kiran, Smita Bansal as Julie, Renuka Shahane as Princess, Kanwarjit Paintal, and 'Shammi' as Madonna Mausi.