Hindi Tv Serial College Romance

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College Romance is a Hindi romantic comedy series about three friends namely Naira, Trippy, and Karan who have been friends for quite some time now. They get into the same college and start sharing the same experiences with love, friendship, tantrums, and a whole lot of college-fun. All three of them get involved with a certain someone. Trippy has a crush with whom she gets involved with. Karan is very confused about his relationship that he is in. He is not sure about anything anymore and is changing decisions every second. Naira also has a guy who wants to go out with her. She doesn’t know whether she likes him or not. Naira also tries to help Karan in his relationship and provide him with a clear vision.

The limited series follows these three young, energetic, spontaneous, and stupid college students as they go about their love life in the college. The show is very limited as it only has 5 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each.  College Romance was released in 2018 on YouTube on the channel The Timeliners. College Romance is created by Simarpreet Singh. The show’s cast includes Apoorva Arora playing Naira, Manjot Singh playing trippy, and Keshav Sadhna playing Karan. The show was a huge success among young people.