Hindi Tv Serial Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badmash Family

Chintu Chinky Aur Ek Badmash Family was a daily soap opera on Sab TV. The previous name of the show was Chintu Chinki Aur Ek Badi Si Love Story. It was a comedy satire and a romantic journey created by Hats off Productions. Rajat Vyas and Nitin Keswani wrote the show. Ashish Khurana and Divyesh Pathak directed the show. It was a story of two very different people and their families living in Bhopal depicted in a comical way with punch lines and dialogues full of humor. Rajesh Kumar played the male protagonist as Chintu and, Divyanka Tripathi played the female protagonist as Chinky.

The story of the serial starts with Chintu. Chintu comes from a joint family, and there are 13 members in his family. His family members think 13 as an unlucky number. Therefore, they want Chintu to get married as soon as he finishes his college. Chintu is a popular guy in his college. On the other hand, Chinki is a soft and sweet girl who comes from a nuclear family. She wishes to marry a guy who believes in the same values as her father does. Chinki has a grandmother who is very witty and romantic at heart. Chinki follows and loves her grandmother a lot.

One day Chintu meets Chinki and falls in love with her. There starts their love story full of drama, complications, comedy, meetings, love letters, going on dates, family drama, and humor. Eventually, all of these things fall into their places and Chintu, and Chinky finally gets married. But this is not how the story ends. Now Chinky has to adjust herself in a new environment. She has come from a nuclear family. Therefore, her life gets more complicated when she tries to fit in Chintu’s joint family. Apart from this the two of them are in love and show their love for each other even with such constraints.

Everything that happens with Chinky and, Chintu is full of with love and humor. From the time they fall in love to their marriage and fitting into traditional values while making love to each other every part of the show is a laughing riot. Finally, Chintu and Chinky start their marriage bureau and continue their lives. Finally, the show came to an end in 2012. Sab TV released the show on August 22, 2011, which continued with a total of 130 episodes and finally ended on February 27, 2012.