Hindi Tv Serial Chintu Aur Pintu

Chintu Aur Pintu Hindi tv-serials on SAB TV

Chintu Aur Pintu is an Indian comedy soap opera that subtly revolves around the adventurous yet hilarious life of a man named Chintu. He is the protagonist of the show and the show captures all the exciting events that occur in his life. Chintu is a man with a lively, energetic, and fun nature. He was born and brought up in a small town in India. Since he is from a small town, he is attached to only a few things that are close to his heart. The most important things in his life are his favorite coat, his bicycle, his son named Pintu, and a girl named Pinky. Pinky is the most beautiful girl in his town.

Pintu is the name of his son, and he is believed to be the replica of Chintu. He possesses a very simple nature because his mentality is limited to the small town he belongs in. What makes this fact even more interesting is that, although he has a simple nature, he is found to be very clumsy. He has a mixture of two sides in his personality, his simplicity, and his prankster nature. As a result of his clumsy side, it is very common for him to make numerable mistakes and end up getting into trouble. Even though Chintu is full of fun and mischief, he is a very emotional man.

Chintu is very caring towards other people and cannot bear to see anyone in trouble. His son Pintu is also shown to possess the same quality, justifying the similarity of not only their names but also their nature’s. Despite the fact that he comes from a small town and possesses the same mentality, Chintu has a keen eye for travelling. Pinky and Chintu manage to become lovers and tags her along whenever he plans to travel somewhere. Together, Chintu and Pinky, travel to multiple exotic locations both inside India and outside. The show captures the experiences he goes through every time he explores a different location. The different cultures, traditions and the beauty of the location are shown to amaze Chintu.

All the experiences he undergoes are extraordinary. It is an important feature of the show to portray that even though Chintu belongs to a small town his mentality expands with the experiences he gains during travelling. The comedy show silently takes its viewers through all the numerous different situations Chintu encounters during traveling that make it inevitable for the viewers to entangle themselves into a laughter marathon!

This Silent Comedy was aired on SAB TV.