Hindi Tv Serial Chhanchhan

Chhanchhan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Chhanchhan is a well-known family drama which was directed by Uttam Ahlawat, and Aziz Khan and produced by Vipul D. Shah and Sanjiv Sharma under the banner of Optimystix Entertainment. This series was premiered on March 25, 2013 until September 19, 2013 and aired on Sony Entertainment Television India and Sony Entertainment Television Asia every Monday to Thursday. Initially, in the pre-production of the show, the show was titled as Modern Bahu which stars Sanaya Irani as Chhanchhan Sarabhai Borisagar, Anuj Sachdeva as Manav Borisagar and Supriya Pathak as Umaben Borisagar.

Chhanchhan is a young woman with a contemporary viewpoint in life. She lives in Ahmedabad together with her family. The story begins with Poorvi’s (played by Deeya Chopra) wedding when Chhanchhan met Umaben, who needs money. When Poorvi realized it, they dropped the wedding off and Umaben hated Chhanchhan for it. Chhanchhan also met Manav (played by Farhan Khan), the son of Umaben and like his mother, they also hated each other. But regardless of the hatred that they felt for each other, the two later developed their friendship and subsequently falls in love with each other.

Chhanchhan’s family was happy when they learn about it. But, when Umaben finds out about their relationship, she pretended to be ill and informs her family that her health will be regained if Manav will marry the girl that she chose. Himanshu (played by Dheeraj Miglani), the friend of Manav informed Manav that he will set a meeting for Manav and Chhanchhan to arrange their wedding. The two met where Chhanchhan works but she finds out that Manav is the son of Umaben.

Manav heard that his mother wants a conventional daughter-in-law so he runs away. His mother attempts to stop him but she fails. She faints and gets rushed to the hospital. Manav goes to the hospital with Chhanchhan who called the doctor to save the life of Umaben. When she recovers, she found out that it was Chhanchhan who saved her life. Umaben told her son that she already accepted his wife-to-be but in reality, she still hates her and she plans to ruin their wedding. Manav informs the family of Chhanchhan and the following day, Umaben meets Chhanchhan’s family.

Chhanchhan and Manav’s (replaced by Anuj Sachdeva) marriage happens but Umaben makes a vow that Chhanchhan will leave their house within 30-days. But, she was unsuccessful to make things difficult for Chhanchhan. Later, Chhanchhan meets Sonali (played by Tapeshwari Sharma) in Rushali’s (played by Cheshta Mehta) parlour. The two were surprised to hear that Sonali’s fiancé has the same name as her husband. She was shocked and realizes that Umaben wanted Manav to marry Sonali so she told Manav about it and the following day, they meet Sonali to ask her fiance’s real name. Sonali told them that it was Manav Nagar.

Chhanchhan decided to investigate and gathered some evidence against the two. She stalks on Sonali and follows her to the temple. Chhanchhan hears her talking with Umaben and telling her that she will remove Chhanchhan from their house and Manav will marry Sonali in one month. Chhanchhan recorded their conversation with her video camera and later, she confronted Umaben about what she saw. Umaben told her that she hated Chhanchhan for interrupting Poorvi’s marriage and accusing her of forcing to give the dowry. Umaben also told her that her prevailing thoughts will ruin the house. Chhanchhan promises Umaben not to ruin it and win her trust.

Kaumudi (played by Rohini Banerjee), and Chhanchhan feel that their family is falling apart due to the competition among them. While Umaben leaves for a while, Manav wanted Chhanchhan to wear the western dress that he gave for a date. However, she refuses and tells Rupali (played by Shruti Bapna), friend of Manav, that she doesn’t have Indian values. It was later revealed that Rupali is in love with Manav, but Manav scold at her so Rupali plans a revenge for him. She framed him up with allegedly murdering Harish. Manav gets arrested and Chhanchhan realizes that it was Rupali’s plan so she confronts her. The case caused the Borisagar household to lose the respect in the society. They lose everything including their business and all they got is the insult from other people.

Manav does everything to prove that Harish is alive so he recorded him on his mobile phone and showed it to Rupali. The following day, she hires some goons to get Manav’s mobile phone. Later on, Rupali gets arrested. Manav and Chhanchhan lives happily ever after.