Hindi Tv Serial Chehra

Chehra Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Chehra is a Thriller-Cum- Love Story. ' Yash A Patnaik' and Mamta Yash Patnaik produced this serial for STAR PLUS Channel. It describes the life of a 24-year old girl, who meets with an accident and becomes handicapped. She moves with the help of a wheel chair. Her body may be weak but she has a great spirit. She never loses her hope. She doesn’t allow pity and sympathy into her heart. This story has love at unexpected corners, anger, danger, anxiety, despair and conspiracy.

Bandini’s life gets a bog turn when she meets the Young, Generous, and a Businessman Garv. One day, Garv proposes for marriage to Bandini. In this part, the show gets its full reception and everybody wants to know the end of the proposal. Relatives and Friends of Bandini think this good proposal is because of her way of handling life. Some of the people think about her good karma. And some others think that this is because of her pure love. After marriage, life will give her great twists and turns. They lived in a Lake house and finds reason about the things happened to her. This show was broadcasted from 16th March 2009 to 3rd July 2009 and covering 80 Episodes. Hritu Dudani played the role of Bandini and Mohit Raina acted as Garv. Rohit Dwivedi and Mamta Patnaik directed this serial. This serial is nominated for Indian Telly Award for Best Thriller Program.