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Chandramukhi is the old fantasy series adapted from a historic story called Gul-e-Bakavali. The story revolves around King, his son, and Chandramukhi’s garden. The story starts with the theme that the king has been cursed as if he sees his son before the age of 28 years. The story goes whether he sees his son before the age. Deepak Parashar delivers his role as Maharaj Mahendra Pratap Singh, who is longing to see his son and thinking about his well-being ever. Sachin Khurana as Vanraj, as a werewolf wins the viewer's heart through his romantic ambiance and young behavior. Natasha Singh as Maharani Padmavati exposes that she seems to worry about the happenings all day. In all stories, Urvashi, in which Yana plays the role as she madly in love with Vanraj, where Rajakumari Chandramukhi (Piku Sharma) admires him.

Nishigandha Wad, Amita Nagia, Goga Kapoor, Shiva, Sanjiva, Raja Chaudhary, Ram Mohan, Vinod Kapoor, Rita Jagtiani, Dinesh Hingoo, Ria Walia, Gunjan Pant, Mahindra Ghule, Manish Sharma, Savi Juneja, Yogesh, Anwar Fatehan, Jai Prakash, Shandar Amrohi and Vindu Dara Singh are the part of the serial. The king, who has the curse, sends the newborn child and his mother to the forest. The child without knowing his identity grows happily and was always spotted with a blue uniform. He has a doom that he is a werewolf, who would turn to a black dog in the Poornima's. During his wolf form one day, he came across the ride of King Mahendra Pratap Singh. The king on seeing him goes blind suddenly. When he shares the same with his mother she worries and tells him to search for the magic flower.

She also says that is the only solution to return the sight of the king. She reveals that the flower is only available only in Rajakumari Chandramukhi’s palace. But to reach the palace, he has to undergo many hardships. Despite all the difficulties Vanraj plans to visit the place for his father. At the same time, King's second son in which Vindu Dara Singh plays the role searches the flower but to fulfill his evil plans. Apart from the happenings, Vanraj reaches her palace and searches for the flower. Chandramukhi captures him, and she puts him in the prison. He admires her by her look and gestures falls for him. Then as usual like other stories in the conclusion Chandramukhi and Vanraj love each other.

Through this situation, Vanraj acquires the flower and restores his father's vision. Vanraj, along with Rajkumari, lives with the family happy. Krutika Desai played the dacoit role of Durgeshwari. The story is that one of the ancestors of Chandramukhi’s palace captured Vijendra Singh, her lover. So she decided to visit Roopnagar to rescue him. At first, it was initially aired in Sahara Manoranjan every Saturday for twenty-three and started airing from October 30, 2007, from 10.00-11.00 on Tuesdays. Due to its massive popularity, the channel re-telecasted it in the morning slots of Sundays. It has prolonged for a hundred and four episodes from 9.30-10.30 AM.