Hindi Tv Serial Chaldi Da Naam Gaddi

Chaldi Da Naam Gaddi Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Bhatinda Express was the Name of the Caravan owned by a Punjabi family. This family and the caravan was the main theme of this Dramatic Serial named Chaldi Da Naam Gaddi. Every Member in the family was part of the Caravan. And this family runs throughout North India and showcase their talents. A good Singer, Body Builder, Stunt man, and a Man of Disguise are some of the talents they show to the people. They make people laugh and cry with their extraordinary talents. Their shows became very popular and people from all over the country and from various regions come to see their show. When everything was going nicely, the family and their Gaddi meets an unexpected situation. They understood that there is no way to solve their Problems except that they should live together and with their Gaddi. Hats-Off Productions created this story and the show telecasted on ZEE TV. This Show was first telecasted on 16 Nov 2007. After the completion of the 74 episode, it ended on 4th May 2008. This show was Broadcasted from Friday to Sunday from 9.00 p.m. to 9.30 p.m. Suhasini Mulay acted as Veeravali and Ravi Gossain acted as Balwant. This show has the Capability to make one Laugh and cry. This sentence was made in a Media Review about this show.