Hindi Tv Serial C A T S

We’ve all loved and admired Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu as the infamous Charlie’s Angel’s for the longest time. Smart and sexy women, solving the crime, what’s not to love? Did you know, however, that Indian TV has already seen its own version of these beautiful Charlie’s Angels? Based on Hollywood’s Charlie’s Angels, C.A.T.S. was introduced as a TV serial in the Indian television on Sony. When the series came out in 2000, it created quite the stir.

Heavily criticised by the industry as well as its audiences, the show was perhaps aired too ahead of its time- the Indian audience wasn’t yet prepared for such powerful women to take on independent leadership roles in the genre of entertainment. In collaboration with each other, Sony Entertainment and UTV introduced a mind-blowing and chic thriller featuring three beautiful girls who fight crime with style. Extremely derivative of Hollywood’s “Charlie’s Angels”, in the serial too, the three girls would take instructions from Guy (the Indian version of “Charlie”), who would assign them dangerous cases to solve as and when they were required to save the day. Most of their episodes were derivative of the Western series.

However, some of the episodes created quite an impact on the audiences, episodes such as “ Talaash” (translation: search) and “Hostage”. The performances on the show were powerful, and every actor did a good job, be it Nafisa Joseph, Karminder Kaur or Malini Sharma. However, the star was the show definitely ' Kuljeet Randhawa', who later replaced Karminderwhen she has to leave the show, which in the series was portrayed as one of the Cats leaving the trio. Randhawa was lauded and felicitated for her acting skills on the show as her performance was excellent, proving to everyone that she was perfect for the part.

Unfortunately, the show came to an end soon because the Indian audience couldn't deal with forward and confident women playing roles requiring courage and intelligence on screen. Women in sarees crying all the time, being melodramatic and dependent - that was the demand of the audience at the time. Ironically, this show was also believed to be “unfortunate” or “jinxed” as both, Nafisa and Kuljeet committed suicide after the show ended, for completely different reasons however.. May their souls rest in peace and they will always be remembered for this series.