Hindi Tv Serial Byomkesh Bakshi

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Indian television industry has many detective serials, but Byomkesh Bakshi stands up above all. Rajit Kapur is the most suited to play the character of Bengali Detective Byomkesh Bakshi. Renowned director of Indian film industry Basu Chatterjee showed his excellence and gives the viewers an edge on the seat experience. Byomkesh is a smart and simple person. Although people called him the Indian Sherlock Holmes, he never spends a luxurious life like him. He is intelligent, smart and he is enough to crack every case with his little amenities. He has a good friend called Ajit ('K K Raina'), who is more over an assistant to him; he assists him in every possible way.

Byomkesh cracked lots of cases like Ret Ka Daldal, Raste Ka Kanta, Seemant Heera and Kile Ka Rahasya etc. In every case he found a lot of difficult conditions and sometimes he also put his life in danger. The case of a fake ghost is also fascinating as both Byomkesh and Ajit risk their lives again to solve the case. Byomkesh and his fellow partner Ajit always thrive for justice and truth.