Hindi Tv Serial Break Time Masti Time

Break Time Masti Time Hindi Tv serials on Disney tv

All school going children need some fundamental characters to manage issues in their life such as `surprise tests', `rivalries´, `challenges´, `Rose Day´, and much more. Everyone has a novel identity. It is a diverse yet close group of friends, who have their quotas of feelings, contemplation, experiences and offer each other counsel. Break Time Masti Time is a situational comedy aired on Disney Channel India on 6th October 2008. This Disney Channel series shows the lives of six high school friends, their `masti´, their school and their personal problems. These children are `Addy´, `Rohan´, `Priyanka´, `Pari´, `Dushyant´, `Delnaaz´, `Suraj´, `Mahua´ and `Swami´. They experience a cluster of emotions in the middle of periods in the lobby before and after the break bell rings.

The finale aired on 30th January 2009. Although well known in Italy, Australia, and the USA as `Quelli dell'intervallo´ and `As The Bell Rings´ respectively, `Break Time Masti Time´ is youthful, happy and completely relates to the audience, which improves the channel's compatibility with its viewers. The Show shoots up after an extraordinary story-telling format, showing the fun, giggling and the tricks of 14-year-olds amid their school breaks. This particular approach makes you relive your school time `masti´ in the most unconstrained style. Focused on everyday circumstances, `Break Time Masti Time´ displays the teenage years of students, and their high school life caught on camera in a school passageway.

Each episode of `Break Time Masti Time´ lasts six minutes isolated in three smaller stories of two minutes each aired between 6 to 7 in the evening. 'Break Time Masti Time' shows the lives of school going teens, their fantasies, and their goals. It compels the audience's mind through its themed episodes, portrayals, and one of a kind narrating method. This fresh format is perceived by children as humorous, newfangled, and associated with everyday life. Antoine Villeneuve, Managing Director & Senior Vice President of `Walt Disney Television International (India)´ said, ``Disney Channel aims to connect with the audience through their idioms´´.

Disney Channel has reserved in a brilliant thrown of youthful star cast, which include Devansh Doshi, Sagar Sawarkar, Parth Muni, Tanvi Hegde, Shivshakti Sachdev, Umang Jain, Rahul Joshi and Akash `Bhatija, who have already acclaimed his share of fame through famous shows such as `Studio Disney´, ` Son Pari´ on Disney Channel, Hungama TV series ' Hero', Disney Channel's satire sitcom – ' Agadam Bagdam Tigdam', and many more TV shows.