Hindi Tv Serial Bollywood Aur Kya

Bollywood Aur Kya Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Bollywood Aur Kya was a talk show which gave the necessary information of happenings in Bollywood and all Bollywood gossips with chats coming from the top artists from Bollywood, the Mumbai Film Industry. The show was produced for and aired on Sahara One channel and gained immediate popularity because of its saucy content. Bollywood Aur Kya served as a weekly digital magazine which apprised the viewers about what was happening on and off silver screen. The show was presented by vivacious and lively Shonali Malhotra who had already gained popularity in the TV world from her serial 'Dil Kya Chahta Hai' aired on Sahara One. Bollywood plays an important part in the lives of Indian film viewers and they are always interested in knowing the private details about the stars they adore. And Wow! When these stars appear in these shows and talk about their private lives themselves then the show is a certain hit. The formula applied by the producers hit the jackpot and the show became very popular from day one. Many Bollywood celebrities presented themselves in the shows and talked about themselves with the glamorous host Shonali. Added to it was, all the latest gossips and rumors about the stars coming from Shonali was nice to have by the viewers.

The show was telecasted on Sahara One in the year 2005.