Hindi Tv Serial Bhootwala Serial

Bhootwala Serial Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Bhootwala Serial, as the name suggests it is an awesome horror comedy that will give you a mixed feeling of horror and laughter. It is hilarious, it is childish, it is naughty, it is gritty and it will even make you laugh. The ghosts will make you laugh, make you cry because they look so pathetic in their makeup. It is the first horror comedy show of India, so it offers something different and new to the Indian viewers. That evil laughter ‘hihihihihihi’ will not haunt you but will haunt your tiredness that you have got because of all the work that you have done in the day.

It’s a show that you will like your child to see because they will enjoy it rather getting afraid of it. The freakish ghost that looks fearful to your child will crack a joke at the next moment. The ghost will wear lipstick and suddenly his fake teeth will come out of the mouth and will make you laugh all of a sudden. It has all the laughter that’s required to be in a horror comedy show plus the highly make-upped ghosts, she-ghosts and all the creepy characters that will make your one hour of the day a roller coaster ride.