Hindi Tv Serial Bhaskar Bharti

Bhaskar Bharti Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Bhaskar Bharti was a romantic Rom-Com TV serial which was broadcasted on Sony Entertainment television. The story starts with Bhaskar who is a funny man and wants to lead his life in different ways. He is also a good looking guy and many girls love him. He does not have any faith in love. After some days one of his girlfriend orders him to turn him into a girl so that he realises what is love and how much pain he gives to girls. He stays a lot of time being a woman and when he tries to get back to his real life he finds that no one loves him now after listening to the truth. He feels very sorry and gets his job back. Payal knows everything and they together try a lot to bring Bhaskar to his real life. Many times they try to do that but they fail.


'Eijaz Khan': Eijaz Khan has played the main character of this serial. The whole story is about his character. He was born on 28th August 1975 in Andhra Pradesh. He has been acting since 1996 to present. He became injured while performing in a stage show. He has acted as model in some music videos. Besides that, he has played a lot of roles in different shows and serials.

'Ragini Khanna': Ragini khanna has played the main female character in this serial. She has to face a lot of problems created by the male character and finally solves the problems. She has been working in this industry since 2008 to present. Within her short period of acting she has gained both name and fame. She acted in a comedy show. She has also acted in a Star Plus show and many other shows. She is still working in various projects.