Hindi Tv Serial Bhakarwadi

Bhakarwadi Hindi TV SERIALS on SAB TV

Bhakharwadi is a family sitcom in Hindi that is aired on SAB TV in 2019. The serial has a total of 292 episodes each, of 21 minutes duration. The story of Bhakharwadi revolves around two neighboring families where they follow varied traditions and cultures. Both families are competitors in business. One of the families runs an ancestral Bhakharwadi shop and, this family is also known for following their austere traditions and norms. While the other family believes in making up with time and, they provide an indulgence in preparing fusion food. Both the families have bitter relations mainly because of their competing business attitude, and it becomes even more intricate when the children from these two families fall in love with each other.

The cast members of this serial are Balakrishnan(Deven Bhojani) He is the head of the Gokhale family. Mahendra Thakkar(Paresh Ganatra) is the head of the latter family They are also known as the Thakkar family. These two Gokhale and Thakkar families are neighbors and, each of them owns Bhakharwadi shops. Both the families will always have some disputes between them as they are business rivals. Abishek(Akshay Kelkar) is the son of Balakrishnan and belongs to the Gokhale family. Gayathri(Akshita Mudgal) is the daughter of Mahendra, and she belongs to the Thakkar family. There happens to be a twist in the story when Abishek and Gayathri fall in love with each other.

Radha (Vaidhika) is the daughter of a powerful businessman who always tries to create a drift between Abishek and Gayathri. Jyotsna Gokhale(Smita Saravade) is the wife of Balakrishnan. Urmila Thakkar (Bhakti Rathod) is the wife of Mahendra. The Urmila Thakkar character, played by Bhakti received a huge appreciation from the audience. Urmila always acts wise, good at judging others, and also humorous at the same time. The viewers loved all the characters depicted in this serial, and this serial was a blockbuster hit and also increased the TRP ratings. This serial also portrayed the importance of relationship, and love and this serial became the most loved serial for the viewers.

This hit sitcom is directed by Javal Jithesh and Dipesh Harshad. It was also written by Aathish Kapadia, and Ritlal Pandit, and the serial is produced by Hats off production.