Hindi Tv Serial Bhagvan Bachae Inko

Bhagvan Bachae Inko Hindi Tv serials on Sab tv

Bhagvan Bachae Inko was first broadcast in October 2003 on Sahara One. The story line in this comedy series seems to be very similar to the series Shubh Mangal Savadhan which was broadcast in 2002. Additionally, the majority of the cast appears in both series and to the audience Bhagvan Bachae Inko appears to be a sequel of Shubh Mangal Savadhan. The producer was Paresh Rawal who is considered to be the comic genius for TV series. The main characters are Gopi (played by Dilip Joshi), Sid (played by Sumeet Raghavan), C.K. (played by Amit Mistry), Kuku (played by Sucheta Khanna),  Nivi  and Ritu. The three friends Gopi, Sid and C.K. decide to travel to the USA to try to build a better life. They travel to Mumbai to make all the arrangements for their trip, but they are deceived by their travel agent, and end up working in the beautiful house of Mr. and Mrs. Mallik.

All the characters in the show are trying to find their soul mate, or become a part of a love relationship, and all together try to keep the secret about their real position in the house from the public. The series is filled with comical situations from the lives of the characters, and has become a very popular comedy series among the TV audience in India.